3 Traits the World’s Most Successful People Possess in Their DNA

Many people wonder what makes success possible for certain people. Oftentimes, it’s not determined by having a certain pedigree or inherent intelligence. In fact, if you speak with any number of people who have obtained a fair amount of success, you’ll hear a few resounding themes. Here are 3 traits that the world’s most successful people possess in their DNA.


1. They are values-driven

Successful people are very clear about what they value and they prioritize what’s important to them. Their values are infused in nearly everything they do because they serve as a compass to guide each one of their decisions. Before making a move, successful people often check to see if it lines up with their value system. It’s the way they are able to “walk the talk” because earning success is all about consistency.

So, what are your values? Are you remaining true to them?


2. They are keenly aware of their strengths and weaknesses

The world’s most influential people understand not just where their genius lies, they are also keenly aware of their weaknesses. They don’t spend unnecessary time dwelling on their weaknesses, either. Instead, as a result of this self-awareness, these people are able to solicit help in the necessary areas, which allows them to focus on the things they have mastered. Successful people know that they are more effective as an expert, armed with depth of knowledge than a jack of all trades while being a master of none.

Have you taken stock of your strengths and weaknesses? What strengths can you leverage?


3. They have amazing relationships

Successful people know that no one man is an island. No one can accomplish anything by themselves. So, it’s necessary to create and maintain healthy relationships in all areas of life: in friendships, familial ties and among colleagues. It’s why many times, successful people are some of the most well-connected people. They understand the power of strong, strategic and mutually beneficial relationships and they know that these are the key to accomplishing their goals.

Do you have strong relationships in all areas of your life? Having them will propel you further than you could ever imagine.